Selena Gomez’s Rare Beauty: The Startup That’s Changing the Beauty Industry

Selena Gomez’s Rare Beauty The Startup That’s Changing the Beauty Industry

Selena Gomez’s Journey with Rare Beauty

Rare Beauty is an American beauty enterprise established and owned by Selena Gomez. Inspired by her third studio album, Rare (2020), the company’s objective is to shatter the confines of conventional standards by promoting inclusivity, addressing mental well-being and education, and challenging the illusionary norms of perfection.

Rear Beauty was specially launched on September 3, 2020, on their official website and in Sephora stores across North America. Since then, it has been made available for countries in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. One percent of all sales is donated to the Rear Beauty Impact Fund, which is a part of their commitment to providing essential resources to support people’s mental health.

Exploring Selena Gomez’s Journey with Rare Beauty

Rear Beauty was founded on February 22, 2019, by American singer and actress Selena Gomez. On February 4, 2020, she made the official announcement of her company on social media. In a video accompanying the announcement, Gomez revealed that she had been working on the beauty line for the past two years and had found the ‘right partner and the right team’ for it. Now, we have 28 incredible individuals working for the brand. Gomaz revealed that Rear Beauty will embrace a complete lifestyle, and it’s not about how others perceive you – it’s about how you perceive yourself. I want all of us to stop comparing ourselves to others and start embracing our uniqueness. You are not defined by any photo, like, or comment. In an interview with Alyor, Gomaz said that beauty shouldn’t be defined by a like, a comment, or your body. We’ve always believed in creating a safe space for mental health and connecting with people. They also emphasized that when I started Rear Beauty, their main objective was to break the unrealistic standards of beauty that we see in society today, inspired by the pressure to be ‘perfect.

In August 2020, Gomeze revealed on Instagram that Rear Beauty would be launched on September 3rd on its official website and at Sephora stores across North America. The original lineup included 48 shades of foundation, matte lip cream, eyebrow definer, liquid blush, and lip balm. These products were packaged with cruelty-free and vegan materials certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and printed with water-based ink. As the company expanded, Rear Beauty extended its markets to the Middle East, Europe, and Southeast Asia. In February 2022, the company launched specifically in the United Kingdom through Space. NK. The viral rear beauty blush on Tik Tok has significantly influenced brand imaging, with some people even saying that the product is “very pigmented.”

As part of its commitment to mental health awareness and education, Gomes has established a “Rare Impact Fund” to assist young individuals in accessing mental health resources. Over the next ten years, they are dedicated to raising 100 million US dollars for this cause. To achieve this goal, one percent of all rare beauty sales will be donated to the fund, along with contributions from philanthropic foundations, corporate partners, and members of our community who believe in this cause. In its first year, the non-profit partner provided a $1.2 million grant to eight mental health and education-centered organizations, including the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence and Didi Hirsch Mental Health Services. To promote mental health awareness month, Rare Beauty started its first GoFundMe campaign, pledging to donate $200,000. The company also initiated an initiative called “Mental Health 101,” dedicated to supporting mental health education and advocating for financial aid towards expanding mental health services in educational institutions.

The aim of Rare Beauty is to be inclusive by offering a diverse range of 48 foundation and concealer shades. The packaging has been designed with a round-shaped applicator at the top, making it easy to use for individuals with disabilities, which proves to be disability-friendly.

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