Poonam Pandey: FIR filed against Poonam Pandey for spreading false news of death, also a case registered against manager Nikita.

FIR filed against Poonam Pandey for spreading false news of death

One day after spreading the false information of her dying, Poonam came ahead herself and said that she did it to elevate attention against cervical cancer.

On Friday, there was some surprising news from the industry that left each person shocked. The information of the loss of life of actress and model Poonam Pandey surfaced. A post on the actress’s Instagram shared the information of her demise, mentioning that she had passed away due to cervical cancer. But, it later revealed that the information of her demise was fake, and the incident turned out to be an exposure stunt.

A publicity stunt to spread awareness about cervical cancer.

Poonam got here ahead in the future and found out that she had accomplished this to unfold attention to cervical cancer. Now, people are trolling her for this publicity stunt. In the meantime, on Saturday, lawyer Ali Kashif filed an FIR against Poonam Pandey. A case has additionally been registered towards Poonam’s manager Nikita Sharma for spreading false news of loss of life.

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Let’s talk about cervical cancer.

After spreading the news of her demise, Poonam Pandey shared a video on her social media. at the side of this video, she wrote within the caption, “I need to share something important with all of you. I’m here, alive. Cervical cancer has not claimed me, however the unhappy element is that it has taken the lives of hundreds of ladies who lacked consciousness about coping with this disease. Unlike some other cancers, cervical cancer is absolutely preventable.”

Make an effort to eliminate destructive effects.

He persisted, ‘permit’s empower every other with positive awareness and make certain that each woman is knowledgeable approximately the stairs being taken. permit’s come collectively to make efforts in ending the unfavorable impact of this disorder.

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